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At the Museum

Meet the staff members that make the Museum so unique and get the insider scoop on upcoming exhibitions, research projects and new objects.

Today would have been the 15th birthday of the first cloned mammal, Dolly the sheep. Named after the singer Dolly Parton, Dolly caused quite a storm when the news first broke of her birth. In September 1997, a competition called ‘Do a Design for Dolly’ was launched by the Cystic Fibrosis Trust and supported by Portman Building Society. In March the following year, a 12-year-old girl, Holly Wharton, was announced as the winner. Her design was made from Dolly’s wool […]

Putting the Martians on Mars

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Stitched Science event this weekend. We had a ball and hope you did too. We’ve gathered together a few pictures to give those that couldn’t make it a flavour of the event.

It’s only four days until the Stitch London team will be joining us at the museum to stitch the world’s largest handmade solar system. From neurons to giant Jupiter, your skills are needed to help create this piece of art, so come down and join in!

Stitched chromosomes

We’re teaming up with Stitch Science for a weekend of science stitching. Come along to help make a giant stitched model of the solar system or help us out by sending some plastic bags to make plastic yarn.

The 3rd May marks the 60th anniversary of the Festival of Britain. The Festival celebrated the centenary of the Great Exhibition of 1851 at Crystal Palace as well as advances in British science, technology, manufacturing and art. You won’t be surprised to hear that some of our objects were displayed there. On first look, these fabric samples appear to be simple circular designs. To the trained eye however, the pattern is based on the structure of haemoglobin produced by x-ray […]

The Punk Science boys

Meet Jon, the man tasked with making Lates great.

He’s been working away on the programme for this month’s Space-themed Lates (Wednesday 27 April 6.45 – 10pm) but he’s taken a break to tell us what he’s got in store…

In the run-up to the 50th anniversary of the first man in space the Science Museum’s Yuri Gagarin (drama character) has kindly agreed to blog about how he was selected and trained for his mission to space.

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