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Science Museum Blog

This week the Science Museum opened a stunning new gallery exploring what is probably the most important question of our age: how can the world limit dangerous climate change by transitioning away from fossil fuels in meeting global energy needs? Fossil fuels still meet around 80% of the world’s energy needs. That is why the rapid but carefully managed shift to a low-carbon economy based largely on renewable energy can fairly be described as an Energy Revolution. It’s how our […]

A lifelong advocator of women’s educational rights and women’s and children’s health, today on what would be her 165th birthday, we celebrate the life and work of Mexico’s first female physician, Dr. Matilde Montoya.

To celebrate Alice Ball Day, Assistant Digital Content Producer Rebekah Chitson explores the life of this scientist, who contributed greatly towards creating a treatment for Hansen’s disease (also known as leprosy) during the 1900s.