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Science Museum History Open House – 16 June 2012

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Two musicians exploring an object from our collection of musical instruments during the Oramics to Electronica project. (Science Museum)


Are you an arts organisation in search of inspiration?

Is your local history society researching your science and technology heritage?

Or are you a patient group interested in the history of a medical profession or practice?


 The Science Museum wants to encourage community groups, enthusiast groups and local historians to use the museum’s resources as part of their historical research.

 The Museum has a vast collection of objects and archives representing the history of Science, Technology, Engineering and Medicine in theUK. When we make exhibitions or carry out research, our collections, library and archive are an important source of information and inspiration. But access to these resources is not limited to Science Museum staff. We regularly support research by students and academics, but also subject enthusiasts and community groups.

 During the Science Museum History Open House  on Saturday 16 June we will give an introduction to the Science Museum’s collections and ways in which they can be accessed. You will hear about projects we have supported in the past and will have the opportunity to explore some of the objects and archive materials that might be relevant to you.

 There will also be a chance to find out more about the All Our Stories grant scheme. With this scheme the Heritage Lottery Fund wants to support community groups who want to explore, share and celebrate their heritage.


 Attendance is free, but places are limited. We advise that a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 4 members of your society or group attend.

Please register by sending an email to PublicHistory@sciencemuseum.org.uk.

To help us plan the event, please include the name of your group or society and specify your area of interest.


 Members of the British Vintage Wireless Society researching the museum’s collection of early radios. (Science Museum)


The Science Museum has a wide range of historic collections; from steam engine models, to planes, historic domestic appliances and medical equipment. More information about our collections can be found here.

 The Science Museum Library and Archives hold papers of individuals and companies, such as Charles Babbage, Sir Humphry Davy and Hooper & Co (coachbuilders), as well as original printed materials, such as books, papers and patents. Follow this link for more information.

Written by Merel van der Vaart

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