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By Freya Barry on

What Will You Wonder?

This Easter holiday we invite you to embrace your inner scientist and explore our thrilling interactive gallery – 'Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery'.

‘Wonderlab’ comprises seven zones filled with opportunities for children and adults alike to get hands-on with scientific activities. You can order live experiments at our Chemistry Bar, witness lightning strike, explore forces like gravity and travel through the Solar System. Our talented team of Explainers will be on hand to bring the gallery and the ideas at the heart of it to life through explosive demonstrations and shows.

Pictured: A young ‘Wonderlab’ visitor is reflected inside the Infinity Boxes exhibit  ® Plastiques Photography


Pictured: ‘Wonderlab’ Chemistry Bar with visitors taking part in experiments ® Plastiques Photography

Each visitor who pops by ‘Wonderlab’ is encouraged to leave their own idea of what #wonderis to them and share their burning questions about the future of science and technology.

As we explore what #wonderis we’ve accrued a number of fabulous questions from our visitors from space travel to how we understand reality. See some of our favourites below and be sure to share your own – you never know it may end up on our Wonder Wall!

Pictured: A few examples of #Wonderis…

If I had every power in the world what would that look like? – Dylan, age 6

Is there such a thing as nothing? – Rania, age 9 

I wonder about the things I cannot see… Will we ever be able to interact with a parallel universe? With two? With an infinite number? – Olivia, age 36

I wonder why the moon looks dusty? – Constance, age 9

What is a dream? What is reality? And who is to say which is which? – Marnie, age 10

Is creation real? Can I smell it? – Weronika, age 9

I wonder what humans are evolving into? Pallavi, age 36

When will people own quantum computers? – Edgar, age 8

Are emotions made of atoms? Ella, age 10

We have recently also opened a new ‘Wonderlab‘ at our sister museum in Bradford – the National Science and Media Museum. Filled with 20 mind-bending exhibits Wonderlab is truly an experience like no other. Excite your senses as you hear your voice echo through a 15m-long tube, get lost in mirrors, make art using light, and travel through a laser tunnel.

Find out more information about ‘Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery’ at the Science Museum here and ‘Wonderlab’ at the National Science and Media Museum here.

Pictured: Flash Bang Whallop show in the Wonderlab Showspace ® Plastiques Photography.jpg

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