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Celebrating British Science Week

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This week is British Science Week and to celebrate we’re taking a look at some fun (and tasty) experiments on this year’s theme of “Change” that you can try at home with the kids.

  • At what temperature do chocolate and ice cream taste best?

TBTYAS - Ice Cream


  • Why does fizzy water freeze quicker than still water?

TBTYAS - Water


  • How do colours change when viewed through different coloured lenses?

TBTYAS - Colour

All of these experiments and many more are in This Book Thinks You’re a Scientist, a book full of at home scientific experiments, designed to accompany Wonderlab: The Statoil Gallery. Perfect for keeping the kids entertained over the upcoming Easter holidays.

To buy a copy of the This Book Thinks You’re a Scientist or explore our wide range of experiment based books and activities visit the Science Museum shop on level 0, the Wonderlab shop on level 3 or go to sciencemuseumshop.co.uk

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