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Code your own console

Meet Creoqode, the tech company that lets you build your very own game console and create the video games to go with it. We speak to them about the new 2048 console.

SCIENCE MUSEUM: What is Creoqode?

CREOQODE: Founded in 2016 by Cem Eltutar, Creoqode is a London-based technology and design company, specialising in innovative products that enhance users’ hardware and software skills in an enjoyable, creative and educational way.

As a company, the ideology and mission of Creoqode is to bridge the gap between hardware and software education while demystifying various engineering concepts including artificial intelligence. Throughout our design process, we focus on making engineering, coding and artificial intelligence accessible and fun for everyone.

Tell us about the new 2048 DIY game console.

Creoqode 2048 is a DIY open source game console, which comes as an all-inclusive do-it-yourself kit allowing you to build your own game console and create your own video games.

It’s a fun and easy way to get into coding for beginners, and for experienced programmers it’s an unlimited way to practice your skills. Assembling the game console allows you to learn about hardware and the working principles of a game console’s components. Following the assembly, creating retro-style video games will help you learn about coding and programming algorithms in an enjoyable way.

How does it work?

Well, the coding is based on three variables: the coordinates, the colour and the illumination duration of an LED chip. It’s a convenient and simple way to learn about programming algorithms without any previous experience.

You’ll be using Arduino Software (IDE) to code your video game. You can find all the necessary tutorials and template games on our platform Qode Share, where the Creoqode community share their knowledge, projects and ideas.

By creating retro-style video games such as PacMan, Super Mario, Space Invaders, Flappy Bird, Tetris and PongYou, you can learn how to program algorithms. To ensure a smooth introduction to coding and to give you some inspiration, we’ve created one-level template video games. You can download these games from Qode Share, upload them to your 2048, and learn by changing or improving the codes. It’s an effective way for beginners to see the role of each function in the sketch and understand the structure of coding.

As one of many creative STEM products on the market, what makes the 2048 so unique?

2048 is unique in terms of its design. The name 2048 refers to its special display made up of 2048 individual LED chips placed in a matrix form. The brightness, range of colours and 64×32 resolution provides a very attractive platform for you to create your own retro-style video games.

It’s a plug and play kit which makes it easy to assemble. Economically, it is also a great solution for schools: you can use the same sets of kit across classrooms by disassembling the console and starting again.

2048 allows you to be imaginative and creative as it is completely customisable. Even after building it, there are more than 40 free pins, giving you the freedom to add different sensors and electronic gadgets such as speakers, microphones, WiFi, Bluetooth etc.

Can anyone build and create with 2048?

Yes, anyone can! As we are an educational technologies company, we make sure we create tutorials and educational guides for new beginners. Our easy-to-follow step-by-step guides make it easy for you to build your game console and create your own video games.

What are you most looking forward to about exhibiting at the Science Museum during Power UP?

Power UP is an amazing exhibition, enlightening the history of game consoles and video games. Even now, game console hardware and video game creation are a complete mystery to many. That’s why we’re excited to offer a product at Power UP which allows the general user to build their own game console and video games at home. 2048 will demystify game consoles and reveal how video games are designed and produced.

What is your favourite game at Power UP?

Hard to answer… but we’ll say our all time favourite, Gran Turismo!

Creoqode will be giving live demonstrations of the 2048 DIY Console Kit at the Power UP shop from 6-15 April

2048 is available to buy in the museum shop or you can pre-order the kit online. Get free UK shipping on the 2048 until 15 April using code: CREOQODEBLOG