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Hidden Heroes

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Next Wednesday we’ve got an exciting new exhibition opening. Hidden Heroes explores the way in which 36 of our unsung design classics came into existence.

The exhibition, curated by Vitra, is being shown in the UK for the first time and brings to life objects that are so familiar that we might forget – or never even consider – the stories that lead to their existence.

A selection of Hidden Heroes

Where would fashion be without the snap fastener, the zipper or the hook & loop fastener? Innovative little solutions such as these have helped create masterpieces we drool over and spend millions of pounds a year on.

When is the last time you used a rawl plug? A condom? Or picked up a 6 pack of beers by the plastic carrier? Every day we use seemingly unimportant little inventions that help make our world go round. But have we ever really considered where these came from?

Find out how Napoleon brought about the invention of the tin can, which museum inadvertently commissioned the rawl plug, or how a descending aeroplane inspired the design of bubblewrap.

Hidden Heroes opens Wednesday 9th November, tickets are £6 and you can book them online now.

Finally keep an eye on our blog and Twitter feed over the next few weeks. Not only are we celebrating the original stories and ideas that lead to these objects, but we want to know your stories and how these objects might impact your day to day life. Maybe in their conventional manner or perhaps in some brand new way!

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