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By David Rooney on

How We Got The Planes In: Part Two

A couple of weeks ago I talked about how we got the aircraft into our Flight gallery, in response to a Twitter question. I said I’d been to our photo archive to see if we had any pictures of the 1960s aircraft installation, and I turned up lots of great images.

Well, the scans have just arrived, so for those interested in how to get a Supermarine S6B world-speed-record-breaking aeroplane into a third-floor gallery in central London in 1961, here goes…

Supermarine S6B in mid-lift (Science Museum)
Supermarine S6B in the air (Science Museum)
Supermarine S6B perched on a ledge (Science Museum)
Supermarine S6B ready to go in (Science Museum)
Supermarine S6B on final approach (Science Museum)
Supermarine S6B has landed! The wings go on later (Science Museum)

And their suits are all still pristine!

One comment on “How We Got The Planes In: Part Two

  1. That is amazing. I always wondered how this was done, a bit like ship in a bottle. There is a lot of work in getting these planes to the right places. What a great job, just wish I was in aviation as a careeer.

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