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By Will Dave on


Will Stanley blogs on how ten London museums are collaborating on an exciting new Instagram project.

We love using Instagram to see the stunning photos you take and to share our own photos of the collections, exhibitions and behind-the-scenes at the Museum.

#EmptyScienceMuseum images from (clockwise from top left) @mattscutt, @londonlivingdoll, @peppyhere & @sciencemuseum
#EmptyScienceMuseum images from (clockwise from top left) @mattscutt, @londonlivingdoll, @peppyhere & @sciencemuseum

But this week we’ll be doing something a little different. Together with nine other museums in London, we’re celebrating each other’s collections and museums on Instagram. After being sorted into pairs, each museum visited its pair to photograph interesting things and spaces.

We’re sharing our photos of the Design Museum, offering a unique perspective of the museum, exhibitions and collections through our Instagram account.

The Design Museum stairs.
The Design Museum stairs.

To see all the photos and discover what fascinating things we found in each other’s museums just follow #MuseumInstaSwap on Instagram (and Twitter).

The museums and their pairings:

Want to join us?
You and other museums can take part in #MuseumInstaSwap this weekend (29-30 August). We’ve teamed up with CultureThemes and would love to see what you think should be in a museum and those museum objects that you would like to take home. Visit CultureThemes to find out more.