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Exciting details about some of the games you can play at our live gaming festival PLAYER from 28 September to the 2 October.

Anyone for interactive pong, racing sewing machines, or dodging bullets from giant robots? Well it’ll all be possible soon because next month we’re teaming up with Trigger to host our first ever live gaming festival – PLAYER.

Racing Machines
Racing Machines

We’ll get you moving, inventing, interacting and networking digitally and physically in these real-life games – no hiding behind your game console here…

There will be games for adults and for kids – everything from taking part in a text adventure through the brain, finding the perfect love match on a life-sized love calculator or racing a pimped-up sewing machine around a paper track.

Alongside this we will also run our first ever Games Jam – a day-long event for gaming enthusiasts and theatrical types to develop a range of games inspired by our galleries. These new games will then be developed and play-tested over the weekend in a live gaming competition.

Check the festival page on our website for details of the games. There’s a sneaky taster below and you can follow us on Twitter and Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news.

Player Poster

Interactive Pong by Paul Maguire

One of the earliest 80’s video games, based on table tennis, will be projected onto the floor. Passers-by are heat sensored and will be able to kick and move the ball around.

Custom Avatar by James Houston, Winner of Scottish Bafter New Talent Award 2009

Looks like a normal video arcade game that you would find in the corner of a pub, but when you move the joystick, you realise you are moving a human avatar through the space of the museum.

Take me to your scientists (Ticketed midnight event)

Holly Gramazio, of acclaimed company Hide and Seek are inventing a game that runs in the closed museum for 100 players. The game will run up until the stroke of midnight, if the players make it that far…

The Interplanetary Postbox by Ordinary Adventures

Inspired by space travel and our need for a postal system, this is a reworking of a classic space game that asks the visitor to think about future communications. A computerised post box using magnets and cogs.

See you on the 28th of September!