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Workshop: A History Of Science On TV And At The Museum

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BBC Science on Show broadcast from the Museum (credit: Science Museum)

Would you like to explore the linked histories of science on TV and at the Museum? Our ‘Intermedial Science’ project is investigating these aspects of the popular culture of science in Britainin the fifties and sixties (see previous post). We are comparing how topics such as space exploration and atomic energy were put on display at the Museum and presented in television programmes. This AHRC-funded project has been under way since early March this year and has proved very exciting. The Science Museum’s archives hold many hidden treasures, and so little has been written so far on Science TV in post war Britain that we are pretty much walking in uncharted territory. On 20th September, we will be sharing the excitement generated by this research.

BBC Science on Show broadcast from the Museum (credit: Science Museum)

On the day we would like to invite everyone who is interested in learning more about the history of museum display and science on TV to join us for a workshop in which we will present some of our findings, and share first thoughts on the next steps for this fascinating project. It will be the occasion to hear people who made this history, in theScienceMuseumand at the BBC science department, telling us their sides of the story. 

The event, starting early in the afternoon, will be in two parts. The first bit, more suited to people with a specialist interest, will be a research academic workshop. It will involve a presentation of findings from the research and a hands-on session during which participants will be offered the opportunity to reflect on an individual science broadcast. The second part of the day, open to the public, will consist in a ciné-club style session. A Horizon Special will be screened in the presence of former producers and editors of the programme. This will be followed by a roundtable discussion and then a Q & A session during which participants will be invited to reflect on the presentation of science on TV in the past forty years and more.

If you’re interested in attending, please drop us a line at:  PublicHistory@ScienceMuseum.org.uk

This event is part of the Intermedial Science project which has been made possible by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Written by Merel van der Vaart

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    This is a great project! I will enjoy watching the video.

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