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Travel back to Earth with Tim Peake in Space Descent VR

Introducing our new Virtual Reality experience

At the Science Museum we’re always looking at new ways to bring science to life for our visitors. From blockbuster exhibitions to interactive galleries, 3D IMAX films to flight simulators, we have no end of things to explore. Today we’re ‘launching’ our latest exciting experience, and who better to tell us about it than Britain’s first ESA astronaut, Tim Peake:


Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be an astronaut? How it feels to make the 400 km high-speed journey back to Earth from the International Space Station? From today you can experience the thrill for yourself with Tim Peake as your guide in Space Descent VR, our new virtual reality experience.

Experiencing Space Descent VR with Tim Peake


When he came to unveil his Soyuz capsule back in January Tim tried out the VR experience for himself and described it as “breathtaking – and that comes from someone who has spent an awful lot of time using VR systems while training for my first mission. Science Museum visitors are going to experience something that truly is very close to the real thing!”

Tim Peake using Space Descent VR

Space Descent VR with Tim Peake is located in Fly Zone on Level 3, tickets cost £7 per person and can be bought online or at any ticket desk in the Museum.

Once you’ve experienced the thrill of being an astronaut for yourself head down to Level 0 in the Wellcome Wing, at the back of the Museum, and see the actual spacecraft that Tim Peake travelled back to Earth in when he returned from the International Space Station last June.