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By Will Dave on

World Cup Of Objects

As the 2018 FIFA World Cup kicks off, we decided to mark the occasion with our very own #WorldCupOfObjects.

We have selected objects from across the vast Science Museum Group collection (and the Wellcome Collection which we also look after) for each of the 32 countries taking part in the World Cup.

These objects will compete on Twitter at the same time as their respective nations meet on Russia’s football pitches.

Many of the objects in our #WorldCupOfObjects were made or used in the country they represent – such as the Japanese Shinkansen ‘Bullet train’ (on display at the National Railway Museum in York) and this Egyptian mummified cat – but a few have a slightly more tenuous link to the country they are representing, like this Morocco-cased Silver toothbrush set.

Egyptian mummified cat, 2000-100BC.
Egyptian mummified cat, 2000-100BC.

We would love to know which objects you would like to win. You can follow along and get involved by using #WorldCupOfObjects.

The whole Science Museum Group will be taking part in this #WorldCupOfObjects, so do look out for Tweets from the Science Museum, National Railway Museum, National Science and Media Museum, Locomotion and the Museum of Science and Industry.

Our #WorldCupOfObjects includes:

TLF 300 KO3X telephone (Argentina), Einstein Foot spray (Australia), St Hubert’s Key (Belgium), Model of Santos-Dumont’s ’14 bis’ aeroplane (Brazil), Malaria vaccine SPf66 (Colombia), Costa Rica Railway locomotive drawing (Costa Rica), Tesla induction motor (Croatia), ‘Astronomiae Instauratase Mechanica’ by Tycho Brahe (Denmark), Mummified cat (Egypt), Exchequer standard pint measure of Queen Elizabeth I (England), Night Ferry Sleeper Car No. 3792 (France), X-ray photograph (Germany), The Geysers (Iceland), Islamic horary quadrant (Iran), Shinkansen ‘Bullet Train’ (Japan), Pottery drink dispenser (Mexico), Silver toothbrush set (Morocco), Carved epa mask (Nigeria), Panama canal photograph (Panama), Bag for cinchona bark (Peru), Plaster human skeletal arm with diamond coated steel pins (Poland), Crocodile-shaped iron cork press (Portugal), Tim Peake’s spacesuit (Russia), Body cooling unit (Saudi Arabia), Senegal Gum (Senegal), Carved wooden pipe bowl (Serbia), Samsung SGH-A300 mobile phone (South Korea), Pharmacy jar (Spain), Ericsson A1018s mobile phone (Sweden), Tessina camera (Switzerland), Weights from the Castlereagh collection (Tunisia) and a Printing block (Uruguay).

As each match kicks off, we’ll include it below.