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What are disco-dancing music shoes and stomping robot ponies doing in the Science Museum? Well…

Launchpad is our ‘hands-on minds-on’ gallery which is all about asking questions and making sense of the way things work.

The interactive exhibits (echo tube, air cannon, bubble wall etc) can get the kids pretty excited, so for a change of pace we encourage them sit down and draw a picture.

Sometimes they draw themselves playing in the gallery, sometimes it’ll be their vision of the future or an idea for a crazy new invention. The drawings are then displayed on the wall for everyone to see.

Drawings displayed in Launchpad

Drawings displayed in Launchpad

We’ve got hundreds tucked safely away and we’re going to start sharing the best of them via this blog.

But to give you a taste of what’s to come check out this wonderful animation. It was made by Sierk Heintzmann, who scanned some of the drawings before animating them with a soundtrack of the kids who created them. Watch out for the stomping robot ponies…

Written by Susannah Shute

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