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Comedian Lou Sanders Tells Us Her Best Robot Joke

We asked Lou Sanders some quick-fire questions about robots ahead of our Robot Comedy Quiz Show on Feb 10

We asked Comedian Lou Sanders some quick-fire questions about robots in preparation for her visit to the Science Museum for our Robot Comedy Quiz Show on 10 February.

Let’s start with a classic: what’s your favourite robot from film or TV?

My Dad amiright?! Nah I would say Kitt from Knight Rider.

And if you could design a robot to do one mundane task for you, what would it do?

My Edinburgh show. Mind you I am trying to do a show with heart this year so maybe to floss my teeth.

Part of our upcoming quiz night will see you race against robots to perform tasks that they are specifically designed to do. How do you rate your chances? 

Low. Very low.

Let’s stay optimistic here! How are you with tech in general? Do you keep up to date with the latest tech and gadgets?

I ask my younger friends to explain them to me. Then I forget what they’ve said. 

So if owning a robot became the next big thing would you be first in line to get one or stay at home with a cup of tea?

Probably the tea option. I remember telling my boyfriend that mobile telephones wouldn’t catch on.

Ah, I see. Well, what are your predictions for where robotic technology will be in 10 years’ time then?

I think WW3 will have wiped out the robots.

What about the future of your career, are you worried now robots can make jokes too?

Hey if Brexit and America have taught us anything, I wanna say that I think we can work alongside them and all learn from each other. If not I can cut their wires.

Alright then, tell us your best robot joke…

What do you call a Southern African Dictator Robot?  Robot Mugabe.   

Apologies I mean I just made that up on the spot.

See Lou Sanders at the first in our series of after-hours Robots events. She will be joined by Robin Ince, Ed Gamble, Rose Matafeo, and many more at our Robots Comedy Quiz Show: Paranoid Androids and Electric Sheep. IMAX Theatre, Science Museum, 10 February 2017, 19.30–21.30.

Robots, our latest blockbuster exhibition, will run from 8 February until 3 September 2017 and is open until 22.00 on Fridays.