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Games Jam

Already excited about this month's live gaming festival? Come along to our first ever Games Jam and help create a game to be played at the festival.

Already excited about this month’s live gaming festival? Fancy designing a game that other people will play?

Well then come along to our first ever Games Jam on Friday 30 September – tickets are available now.

Angie from Trigger has put together the programme for the festival. She’s also written a guest post about the Jam to give you guys an idea of what to expect.

The Games Jam is my favourite part of the festival. It’s a chance to get inventive by making an interactive game to showcase live at the Science Museum.

Who is it for? 

Adults who like making stuff.

Be it sewing, writing, mapping, doodling. If you have an urge to create anything on any level, and fancy making a game with makers from all backgrounds, then do this.

What is it?

A making session

We’ll arrive with no idea of what we will create. By the end of play, everyone will have made a game that can be playtested over the PLAYER festival that weekend. One team will win The PLAYER Award 2011.

The day kicks off with talks from 3 of the UK’s leading social game designers. They will tell us about what to consider when making a game. They will mentor the teams over the rest of the day.

Next up, the teams embark on curator-led tours of galleries in the museum, and learn more about the science behind the objects in the space.

The rest of the day is spent brainstorming, making and inventing.

At the end of the day we’ll try out our new games on another team.

I’m sure some of us will end up in the pub to debrief before we try our games the next day.

What can we make? 

We will have some materials that you can use to make something with. Or you might want to make a game using clues hidden in the museum. Or, if you’re more technology orientated then maybe something that can be played through phones.

Maybe bring some stuff along in case you wish you had it later on.

Book quick, we’re selling the last batch of tickets now.

An Interplanetary Postbox
Will your game involve playing with a postbox?

To book tickets call 0870 870 4868. They cost £5 plus a £1 booking fee.

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