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Go Beyond The Stars At The Science Museum

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If you were setting out on a journey to space what would your soundtrack be? For one night only on Thursday 26 January the Science Museum will be exploring just that.

 Colorful telescopic view of spiral galaxy

Credit & Copyright: Ken Crawford (Rancho Del Sol Observatory)

Beyond The Stars is a stunning audiovisual journey through space taking you from the first lunar landing to the outer reaches of space.

The show will include stunning Hubble Space telescope images and never before seen footage from NASA, all intertwined with incredible CGI images of space projected on to a large screen in the Museum!

The show will be set to iconic music performed in a large orchestral setting by renowned composer Craig Leon.

Expect to hear popular classical pieces from Richard Strauss’, modern day space songs (think along the lines of Elton John’s Rocket Man) and the iconic Thus Spake Zarathustra from 2001 A Space Oddessey.

We have 20 exclusive tickets to give away on Twitter for this one-time only screening. To be in with a chance make sure you are following us on Twitter where we will be running a range of space and music related competitions!

We are also creating a playlist of space songs on Spotify to get us in the mood for Thursday, share your space tracks with us in the comments below or on Twitter! #spacesongs


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  1. Barry


  2. Neive Percival

    I would play The Final Countdown!!

  3. Cal

    Space Oddity….by David Bowie

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