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Robots Are Taking Over The Museum

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Robots are taking over the Museum! From Thursday 1 until Sunday 4 December, 23 robots will be setting up home in the Museum as part of our four day event – Robotville.

Come and meet Concept, a robot created to study how people react to a robotic face and help us understand why we’re drawn to lifelike technology. Watch his expression change as he learns from you and copies your movements.

Or test out Dora the Explorer’s skills. She could be the solution to those misplaced house keys! You can see her in action below.

Many of the robots on display have just come out of European research labs and will be on show to the British public for the first time. Check them out on our website.

The exhibition is divided into six zones which will include an area for domestic robots, swarming robots, humanoid robots and more. And if that wasn’t enough robot geekery for you, the roboticists will also be there to demonstrate their work and answer your questions.

The four day event explores the cultural impact robots have on our day to day life. The idea of robots in the home is familiar through science fiction, but the reality has yet to truly materialise. Until now…

To find out more about the event visit our website for more information and keep an eye on our blog. We will be posting interviews with some of the roboticists in the run up to the four day event and we will be asking you to send over some questions you may want them to answer.

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  1. Jan Smith

    Massively disappointed to find out that this event only runs from Thursday to Sunday, just not enough time to plan a trip to London. I hope the public interest convinces the Science Museum to bring some of these exhibits together again. However inspired and inspiring the concept, can such a fleeting event be justified?

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