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By Susannah Shute on

Stitching The Solar System

We're teaming up with Stitch Science for a weekend of science stitching. Come along to help make a giant stitched model of the solar system or help us out by sending some plastic bags to make plastic yarn.

This June we’re teaming up with Stitch London to stitch all things science…

Stitched chromosomes
Stitched chromosomes

Last year the Stitch London crew came to the Museum to create their stitched selves in our Who am I? gallery about brain science and genetics.

This year we’re thinking even bigger – Stitch London are going to help us stitch the world’s largest handmade stitched solar system.

Plus they will be creating lots of stitched science specimens – anything from stitched skulls and stethoscopes to James Watt and Einstein. Tiny stitched Professor Brian Cox anyone? 

The Stitch London team are already busy stitching away as but they can’t do it all on their own – they’ll need your help. From pom pom planet rings to knitting a giant Jupiter, your skills are needed to help create this piece of art.

A stitching session
A stitching session

Can’t stitch or knit? Don’t worry! The Stitch London experts will be running a number of workshops over both days to help you master the science of knitting. Learn the ‘knitting jenny’ technique, create a Mars martian and discover how to turn a plastic bag into yarn for our planet Earth. Find out more about the events.

And on that note we’re on the hunt for green and blue plastic bags – if you have any unwanted ones please send them to Stitch London at the address below:

Stitch London at The Fleece Station,
Courtyard Studio (First flooor),
The Old Police Station,
114-116 Amersham Vale,
London, SE14 6LG

The event will be on the 25 and 26 of June – hope to see you there.

7 comments on “Stitching The Solar System

  1. I’m making a Bacteriophage for this!

    Is there a page with more information? I.e. what we need to include when we send off our specimens, how/when we’ll get them back after the expo, and if our names will be included when the specimens are presented? A contact email would also be appreciated. Thanks x

  2. Hi Rachael. There’s more info about what to do with your specimens on the Stitch London website:

    it says your Stitched Specimen should include:

    Information about what you have made
    Any web links to your website (for link to any pics on our blog)
    Your name, where you are from and your email address
    A return address and return postage if you want it sent back. It’s up to you to provide packaging and postage for anything you want returned. You can also collect it from Stitch London’s Fleece Station in Deptford.

    There’s also a contact email on there. Looking forward to seeing the Bacteriophage!

  3. really sounds like fun, what time is it, do we need to book, are children welcome, does it cost, do i need to bring anything?

  4. Got really excited about this and then realised it was 2011 – whoops! Oh well, I can’t wait for the new Collider Exhibition!

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