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Take Me To Your Scientist

Exciting details about some of the games you can play at our live gaming festival PLAYER from 28 September to the 2 October.

With less than a month until our live gaming festival, Player we have been speaking to some of the people creating the games you can get involved with over the five days.

Read Holly from Hide and Seek’s guest post about their game Take me to your scientist  below:

There’s something really, really enticing about the idea of being in a museum after everyone else has gone home. Who doesn’t, at closing time, dream for just a moment of ducking behind a display case or hiding inside a supercomputer, then coming out when there’s nobody else around?

So the opportunity to design a game for the closed Science Museum, to run from 10pm, was astonishing. It’s a gorgeous building to play in anyway, but using it simply as that – as a building, a space – would have been a waste. We were determined to devise a game that really draws on the fact that it’s not just any building: it’s theScienceMuseum, full of exhibits and corners and strange history and great big towering engines.

It would be a shame to give too much away, but Take Me To Your Scientist will pit players against some… slightly unusual visitors to the museum, visitors who have a very specific reason for being there. It’s just possible that the future of Earth depends on you.

Person Sneaking


Take me to your scientist runs at September Lates starting at 10pm. Spaces are limited so avoid disappointment and book your tickets today.

To book tickets call 0870 870 4868 they cost £8 plus a £1 booking fee.

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3 comments on “Take Me To Your Scientist

  1. Hi Gemma! Sorry to bother you, but my friends and I took part in this event, and we were wondering if the photos taken will be available to the public or whether its a strictly science museum affair? Its just because we had so much fun ducking and rolling around with everyone (united against the common enemy and all) and it would be a great laugh to look through them all 😀

  2. Of course. Once they are ready we will upload them to Flickr and facebook so you can tag you and your friends too!

    1. Funky, thanks! By the way, just to say, this event made us feel like we were in Doctor Who – we absolutely loved it 😛

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