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At the Museum

Meet the staff members that make the Museum so unique and get the insider scoop on upcoming exhibitions, research projects and new objects.

Almost all frontiers of biological research in the 21st century owe their origins to the discovery of the structure of DNA by two Cambridge scientists and their contemporaries at King’s College London 60 years ago.

A zombie with its handler

Scientists from across the UK (and zombie rights protesters) will gather in the Science Museum this weekend for ZombieLab. Worried members of the public are invited to study zombies and the science of consciousness as society searches for answers (and evades the zombie horde).

Designed for use by infants, Smith-Clarke designed the ‘Baby’ breathing machine at the request of a paediatrician in 1956. Image credit: Science Museum

Billionaire computer entrepreneur and philanthropist, Bill Gates, is to discuss the impact of polio on humanity at this evening’s annual BBC Richard Dimbleby Lecture. His speech, which will be broadcast from the historic Royal Institution, will be supported with the visual aid of an iron lung from the Science Museum’s collection.

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